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· Electronic Technician, specialized in Telecommunications. · Radio and Television Senior Technical Operator (ISER registered, Buenos Aires). · Annual course on Television Production and Direction (Universidad del Salvador). · First year of Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) · English (Upper Intermediate Level), Charlie López. · Several courses and seminars attended permanently.


More than 35 years of experience in various areas of the professional sound industry.


The sense of responsibility, the permanent updating through courses and seminars, and an enormous experience and vocation, combining the design, fixing, maintenance and operation of sound, both for music recording studios and for broadcast facilities.

I offer customized solutions for communication companies (tv, radio) or music recording studios and / or home studios


Sound Recording and Mixing​Operational Engineering​

Experience in various musical genres: Tango, rock, melodic, cumbia, salsa, Argentine folklore, etc. Binaural and close-miking techniques, Realround recording. Pro Tools mixing via analog consoles.

Sicamericana, Music Hall Studios. Recordex Studios. Panda Studios Buenos Aires.

Design and installation of Recording and Broadcast Studios​

Acoustic design of home-studios. Design and wiring of music recording studios on Pro-Tools, Dante or open reel multitrack recorders. Design and installation of facilities for radio and / or TV sound studios (analog, digital or via Madi or Dante Audio)

Music Hall Studios, Panda Studios, El Templo Studios (Sandro’s famous artist studio), Sonata Studio, Sonoart Studio, in Congreso & Tilcara, Jujuy. Artear Canal 13, T.N. Todo Noticias, Buenos Aires

Recording / Radio / TV Studios Electronic Maintenance

MCI JH series analog consoles, SSL 4000, CH10HD and Yamaha CL series consoles. STUDER A-800, AMPEX ATR-124 and ATR-100 multitrack recorders. Level / bias / and equalization adjustment of multitrack analog tape recorders. Radio & TV studio consoles, hybrids.

Solidyne SRL: Head of Production Laboratory, Audicom system installation in Radio Mitre and Radio Rivadavia, F.M. Ser Brandsen, Telefé Bs. As., Music Hall Studios, Panda Studios, El Templo Studios (Sandro), Sonata Studios (Eddie Sierra), Sonoart Studios, Canal 13 TV, T.N. (Todo Noticias) Buenos Aires.

TV Communications Systems Design (Telex)

Design and installation of TELEX CS-9600, Zeus and OMNEO communication matrix systems for TV studios. Talkback systems for producers, directors, assistants and sound operators. IFB return systems for talents. Matrix TV plant intercom systems.

Artear Canal 13 de TV Buenos Aires. Non Stop, TV production facility.

Training & Counseling

Installation and operation courses for analog consoles and recording / radio / TV studios. Courses and / or individual classes of operation and configuration of Yamaha CL and QL series + Dante Audio consoles

COMING SOON! Multidimensional Audio Recording

Multidimensional audio recording with the REALROUND system, created and developed by me for capturing sounds in 3 dimensions

Participation and / or recording-mixing of renowned artists:


Mercedes Sosa, Estela Raval, Leonardo Favio, Mariano Mores, Leopoldo Federico, Shida (Tango Japón), Los Solistas de D’Arienzo, Eino Gron (Tango Finlandia), José Colangelo, Lucecita Benitez, Sandro, Horacio Guarany, Manolo Galván, Alcides, Tormenta, Ricky Maravilla, Juan Ramón, Las Primas, Los Palmeras, Katunga, Quinteto Imperial, Virus, G.I.T. , León Gieco, Gustavo Santaolalla, Alejandro Lerner, Rubén Rada, Andrés Calamaro, Tarzen, Susana Giménez, Valeria Lynch, Cacho Castaña, Lito Vitale, Eddie Sierra, Dyango, Víctor Heredia, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Monthalban, Marisol Calero,  King Clave, Mike Ribas (Tato Bores, Porcelandia), Topo Gigio, Juan y Juan, Raúl Abramzon, Miguel Mateos Zas, Claudio Gabis; among others.


They recommend me...

"An all-terrain professional, responsible, specialist in electronic audio maintenance, with a comprehensive knowledge of all areas of the recording studio"
Miguel Krochik
owner of Panda Studios, BA, Argentina
“An ideal professional for teamwork, with whom to coordinate tasks and have an out-of-the-box look to resolve a particular technical situation. His capacity exceeds the expectations of those who hire him ”
Sergio Morandin
Maintenance Engineer, Professor of Electronics at Untref University, Buenos Aires
"More than a technician, an artist in the design, installation, maintenance and adjustment of the various components that make up a music recording studio"
Eddie Sierra
Singer, Arranger Owner of Sonata Studios, BA, Argentina